We Create polyglots, We Develop language skill, We Expand horizons

Our commitment revolves around this pledge, and our beliefs, philosophies, and core values reinforce it. The track record of successful years supports this commitment. The relationships we cultivate serve as the foundation for mutual growth, where students become teachers, and teachers become students.


Our service is a union of true professionals in their field

We are prepared to handle a significant workload, continuously working to enhance our expertise.

Our team of instructors consists of seasoned professionals in language education, boasting years of experience and outstanding skills in teaching languages.

The primary strength of our team lies in their knack for identifying the unique abilities and potential of each student, essential for achieving their language goals.

We facilitate the connection between dedicated learners and exceptional language educators.


Intensive Language Courses

Our Intensive Language Courses are designed for those who want to achieve fluency quickly. With immersive classes, experienced instructors, and a rigorous curriculum, students will find themselves speaking, reading, and writing in their target language with confidence. Whether preparing for a trip, a new job, or simply looking to expand their linguistic capabilities, our intensive courses provide the fastest path to fluency.

Business Language Training

Our Business Language Training service is tailored for professionals who need to communicate effectively in a global business environment. These courses focus on industry-specific terminology, formal communication skills, and cultural nuances, ensuring that participants can engage confidently and competently in international business dealings. We offer personalized training programs to meet the specific needs of different industries and roles.

Cultural Immersion Programs

Our Cultural Immersion Programs go beyond traditional language learning by offering students the chance to experience the culture of their target language firsthand. Through interactive workshops, cultural excursions, and real-life conversational practice, students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultural context behind the language. This holistic approach not only enhances language skills but also fosters a greater connection to the culture.

WHY Lingua Ferrum

Six reasons to choose Lingua Ferrum

Experienced and qualified instructors
Personalized approach for each student
Intensive courses for rapid results
Business communication programs in various languages
Cultural immersion programs
Modern teaching methods and interactive materials

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